I’m an Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin, with a clinical sub-specialization in neuroanesthesia. I graduated from the MD/PhD program at MCW as well as completing my residency and fellowship here.

I started working in fMRI as an undergraduate, and continued this work through my PhD in Biophysics. After my first year of residency, I did a year long research post-doc and was able to keep up with my research projects through residency with the help of an NIH T32 grant that funded blocks of protected research time.

The bulk of my previous research has focused on cognitive neuroscience, studying the mechanisms of memory and language using fMRI. My dissertation focused on preoperative language mapping for epilepsy surgery. Moving forward, my new projects are focused on extended our preoperative mapping with fMRI and MEG and developing new intraoperative monitors for language function using EEG and ECoG.

Contact: [email bgross@mcw.edu]

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